Can you STOP a Foreclosure in Decatur, AL?

Can you STOP a Foreclosure in Decatur, AL?
Video Transcription

Jeremy: Hey guys, today we’re going to talk about foreclosures. Foreclosures suck, period. They suck for you, and they suck for the bank. Okay. I went through the bankruptcy trail and the short sale, and that’s horrible. I hate to see people going through the foreclosure process. More than likely you’re going to have to move. I mean, unless you can come up with back payments to catch up with the payments that you’ve missed, you’re going to be moving, so you need to make plans to where you’re going, and what you’re going to do when the short sale happens.

But there is something that you might not know about. We may can help you with your foreclosure. Now you still are going to have to move, but there may be a way that we can help you to where you don’t have a foreclosure on your credit, and that makes a huge difference because the foreclosure will stay with you for several years and it’s just horrible.

We have programs in place that may can help you to stop the foreclosure, and to be able to not have that on your credit at all. Now recently we had a story, we were trying to help a homeowner out, and she got in touch with us a couple months ago, we went and talked to her for a few hours, kind of learned what was going on, how we could help her, what we could do, find out what her pay off was, how much she was behind, and we made her an offer, and it was to pay off the mortgage, we were going to buy from her, to pay off the mortgage and to give her a few thousand dollars to move. I mean that would help her out some. She  thought about it for a little while, and she got in touch with us a couple of weeks ago and she talked with us some more and she’s like, okay, I think I want to do this, but I’m not sure. Let me talk to some more people.

What happened is she wound up waiting too late and four or five days before the foreclosure was going to happen, she was still indecisive, and we were still trying to work with her and asking her some questions to ask her bank. If we could do this, would they stop it? If we could do that, would they at least put it on hold? And they wouldn’t do either one. The last day before it was going to go into foreclosure, she got in touch with us and she said if you all can just catch up on my back payments by tomorrow afternoon, and get the money to them by then. I mean that’s waiting way too late. When you’ve got time to prepare, you know what’s coming, you know what you’re fixing to face, start preparing then.

Like I said, more than likely you’re going to have to move because if you’ve been behind, maybe because of a divorce, job loss, whatever the scenario is, it’s time to prepare, and we can help you not have that foreclosure on your record. We can either buy the property from you, if the numbers work out right or we can do some kind of lease to where the property still stays in your name, we just take control of the property and we lease it from you.

Now there’s different scenarios that we can do, it’s according to what you’re facing, and what you want to do, and how can help you. If there’s anything we can do for you to stop the foreclosure and avoid it and not have it on your credit, please give us a call, find us on the web, or find us on Facebook. We’re on a bunch of different places. We’ll be glad to sit down and talk with you and see how we can help you to stop the foreclosure on your property and to keep it off your credit. I am Jeremy with Happy Home Buyers Alabama, and reach out to me if you’ve got any questions or if there’s any way I can help you. You have a great afternoon and weekend, whatever it is.

Jeremy Mauldin

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